Sounds unbelievable - so go ahead and ask!


Icon Schubert International How many scents are there?

All of those listed on our page "Scents". If you should desire a different scent, then we will create it for you! Of course we can also encapsulate your original oil and supply it ready for printing for the desired system.

Icon Schubert International Which printing processes may I apply?

Generally, SCENTIFIC™ may applied in any printing process: offset printing (web Press Heatset or Sheetfed),rotogravure printing, Flexo printing, screen printing, etc.

Icon Schubert International Which industries use scented advertising?

Of course the cosmetics industry, which presents its products to the consumer as "fragrance samples", but also other industries like for instance the foods, touristics, automotive industries, etc., who would like to upgrade their advertising using a scent.

Icon Schubert International How large should the scented area be?

The size of the scented space should not be less than 5 x 5 cm, since otherwise the consumer would have to rub very exactly to release the scent in the desired strength.

Icon Schubert International What releases the scent?

Depending on the type of application, by rubbing, by opening a flap or by opening a label.

Icon Schubert International How many scents may be placed on one page?

As many as you desire.

Icon Schubert International Which shelf life do scents have?

Generally, scents last for as long as the advertising material itself.

Icon Schubert International Which delivery times are usual for scented advertising?

All scents on stock in sufficient quantity may be mixed and dispatched within 2-3 working days. In case of specific scents, the delivery time is determined by oil procurement and takes about 2-3 weeks.

Icon Schubert International Is there a trend in favor of scented advertising?

Yes, the response is clearly better if scented advertising is employed. There are no limits for creativity of marketing specialists.